This is how two friends took their passions, bold thinking, and friendship to make a difference.

Morgan and Katie met at their first jobs in New York City. They started at the bottom of each of their respective departments at a beauty driven public relations agency. Little did they know, those tiny paychecks would come with a lifelong friend - talk about a bonus! After bonding over cocktails and the ups and downs of being a Public Relations professional, they quickly realized that they not only worked well together by balancing out each other's strengths, but they also had a unique, once-in-a-lifetime friendship. Over the years they celebrated promotions and successes in their respective careers while laughing along as people joked about them being attached at

the hip. 


Throughout their friendship, their professional interests took separate paths - Morgan moved into influencer marketing at a well-known fashion PR agency and Katie transitioned to advertising at a global, healthcare agency. They were unaware that these experiences would bring them back together professionally and prepare them to be business owners…  


In the Summer of 2020, Morgan founded Friends With Benefits Talent. Morgan saw the need for a revolution in the influencer marketing industry. Between the increasingly rampant product peddling and proliferation of #sponcon, she worried that if the community didn’t find its heart, it would become stigmatized to the point of obsoletion. Morgan knew that there were influencers using their platforms in a meaningful way to talk about things that mattered - she had met and befriended those creators throughout her time in the industry. This led her to establish an agency that functioned as a megaphone for these types of creators, amplifying their voices and connecting them with similarly purpose-driven brands.


As Morgan was off changing the face of influencer relations, Katie was growing her career in advertising. Although she was happy and valued at her ad agency, she itched to make a change. Every December Morgan and Katie met at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to watch the twinkling lights and sip steamy hot cocoa. That year they would have a pivotal conversation where Katie would decide to resign from her secure, full-time position in advertising to take a chance and grow what she believed to be the future of

influencer marketing. 


Morgan and Katie have remarkable faith in social media’s ability to help people feel seen, heard, and represented, and they pride themselves in working exclusively with content creators committed to doing just that. They encourage their influencers to act as resources, supporters, and friends to their community members. Their clients succeed in building positive, loving communities and the relationships made on their platforms positively impact the lives of their followers. These communities are helping shape the world.   


The power to change the world is currently at the tips of your fingers, and, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. How will you use yours?




To figure out how you can use your platform to make an impact, shoot us an email at execs@fwbtalent.com.  

Meet Your  Friends With Benefits

Morgan Fortier

Why did I choose to start FWB:

During my tenure in beauty and fashion PR, I had the privilege of meeting and befriending some incredible creators committed to making real change within the industry. I admire anyone who uses her voice or platform to make a difference, and those are exactly the kinds of creators I am proud to represent

My role at FWB:


What am I most proud of at this moment:

Taking a leap of faith and starting my own business!

Favorite food:

Cheese, always

Favorite show:

Broad City

Favorite thing to do:


Role model:

Amy Poehler

Katie Connolly

Why did I choose to join FWB:

This company embodies everything I stand for - inclusivity, hard work, and strong friendships. I took a chance and resigned from my secure role at a NYC advertising agency to help grow this company dedicated to empowering a community of passionate, kind, gifted individuals who aspire to make the world a better place. This is something I knew I had to be a part of. 

My role at FWB:


What am I most proud of at this moment:

My grateful and brave outlook on life

Favorite food:

Buffalo chicken tenders. And don't forget the blue cheese!

Favorite show:

Peaky Blinders

Favorite thing to do:

Activities with loved ones

Role model:

Kim Kardashian