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TikTok: @asianchipskylark

Instagram: @austiincho

YouTube: Austin Cho

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Instagram: @ianmcrumm

TikTok: @ianmcrumm

"I have nothing but praise and gratitude for FWB as they have invested so much time and care into not only my platform, but me as an individual. To have an agency that aligns with my core values is something that I cannot be more proud of."

-Austin Cho

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Instagram: @karlamontolio

TikTok: @karlaamontolio

"FWB has been such a blessing in my life! While I can and was landing brand deals for myself, I’d rather spend my time being creative and adding value for + connecting with my audience! It was so important to me to find an agency that would bring the same level of professionalism, dedication, and thoughtfulness to pitching and negotiating as I did doing it for myself. Morgan and Katie have certainly done that, giving me hours of my time back while securing fantastic brand deals. And on top of that, they have been such a fantastic added support, always ready and willing to be a sounding board or give me encouragement or strategic advice when I need it!"

-Jordan Laurelle



"Working with FWB has been so refreshing. In an industry where you get lost in inauthenticity, FWB stands out with values of trust, honesty, and genuine support. Knowing your value comes from more than just numbers and followers and them being able to communicate that value to brand partners."

-Olena Mishchenko

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Instagram: @hairaconda

TikTok: @hairaconda

"I love working with FWB because of how taken care of I feel. Social Media is a hard place to foster genuine connections and trusting an agency to be repped by can also be kind of scary. Communication is always easy and I always feel heard and consulted with on all of my deals while also being advised. It’s a perfect balance!"

-Shantal Martin

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